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Have you just received a notice from your employer that the District Attorney (Family Support or Local Child Support Agency) will be garnishing 50% of your take home pay beginning immediately?

Have you just tried to obtain or renew your Driver's license and were told that a hold has been placed on it due to unpaid child support? Is the District Attorney claiming that you owe back support because the mother of your children was or is on welfare? Has the District Attorney obtained a Default Judgment ordering you to pay support? Has the District Attorney informed you that you owe back support?

You may even be wondering why this is happening at all since you have been paying your support every month! And I'm certain you will ask the most frequently asked question of all "if they take away my license how will I be able to work and pay any support?"

Due to new laws that have resulted from recent welfare reform and other recent legislation, all states now have the authority to withhold or suspend individual and commercial driver's licenses as well as other professional licenses and passports. All states can also levy a 50%-60% wage garnishment against your current earnings. Your state and federal taxes can also be intercepted and your bank account levied! Additionally, your local District Attorney (or support enforcement agency) can also file criminal charges against you. (In California this is known as PC 270-Failing to provide; Other Sates have similar code sections.) BUT, there are also new rules and laws that may allow you to "settle" your support arrears for pennies on the dollar!

There are two ways to get the answers and help you need:

First, I have written a book called the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. This simple, easy to understand guide contains a section on The District Attorney and child support enforcement agencies. This section will answer all of the questions you may have about governmental child support collection and steps you can take to successfully defend your position. Learn how child support is calculated and how to be sure you are paying the correct amount. Learn how to obtain an audit of your support payment history. Learn about a new program called the "Compromise of support arrears." (Available in most States) Whatever your case, before you spend a dime on an attorney or other legal services learn how the system works. You can be sure your Ex has! The information is good in all 50 States.

To learn more about the Fathers Rights Survival Guide and how you can obtain a copy now simply click here.

Second, I am very excited about a new way to help my clients. It's called The Advocate Plan. This plan is a "one on one" relationship with me. I become your personal advocate. When you get court papers, a letter from the ex's attorney, have questions and/or concerns I will be there to provide answers and tell you exactly what must be done. Whatever the issue you will always have someone to contact for specific answers and guidance. This plan includes the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. This is the best Father's rights help any man can receive!

This service and information is the "Real Deal." No internet hype or slick sales pitch, just the "Truth" about your child support enforcement issues and how to fix the problem (s).

To learn more about The Advocate Plans just click here!

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