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Deployed Soldiers Message


Are you presently deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan? Perhaps you are not presently deployed but soon will be! Maybe you are the wife, mother or girlfriend of a father that has been deployed. Are you aware that deployed soldiers have specific rights concerning family court issues?

 If your loved one is deployed I would highly recommend one of our Advocate Plans. We now have special phone lines and other communication tools specifically designed for Father’s in the military that have been deployed. Further, please know that we currently have over 200 active cases involving fathers/soldiers that have been or will be deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan and other locations around the world. Our communication with these fathers is very critical to the success of their cases back home.

 Just click on the Advocate Plan link in the menu bar. When you have finished reading about the Plans just complete the registration and payment information section and I will contact you. When you purchase be sure and state in the Comments section that this is for a deployed father.

 I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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