• Have you just been served with divorce papers or are you considering filing for divorce or legal separation?

  • Has your wife filed for divorce and trying to screw you good?

  • Do you want answers to questions about child support, child custody and visitation?

  • Do you have questions about how the court will divide your personal and real property or who is going to pay for all the bills?

  • Perhaps your considering getting an attorney but can't afford the $2000-$4000 dollar retainer fee that most attorneys charge up front! (and often higher)

  • Are you confused about what you should do?

Well here is some good news! Most states are "no-fault" divorce states. It only takes one person to file for divorce. The waiting period is 6 months and 1 day (some states vary as to waiting periods) from the day your spouse is served with papers. Divorce cannot happen any faster.

In the past 5 years there have been numerous changes in family laws nationwide that now make it more equitable for men who are facing divorce. Remember, the court is largely unconcerned with why two people divorce, but the Court is very concerned with the issues inside the divorce such as: child support, spousal support, custody, visitation and division of community assets and obligations.

So, whether you are considering filing for divorce or have just been served with papers for divorce we can help you learn how to minimize the negative impact of divorce upon your children, friends and family by making fair and equitable agreements now. Don't forget the court has no preference towards those that are filing for divorce or responding to a divorce, the court fees and cost are exactly the same!

Finally, if you have been served with divorce papers you only have 30 day's to respond. (in some states 10 days) if you do not respond your spouse will get everything she has asked for. If there are children, you could lose forever your right to have a substantial visitation relationship with your kids. The worst thing you can do is nothing at all!. By not responding you are giving up a number of your significant rights as a father.

There are two ways to get the answers and help you need:

First, I have written a book called the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. This simple, easy to understand guide contains a section on Divorce that covers every aspect of what you can and should do. This section will answer all of the questions you may have about Divorce and what you can do to minimize the negative impact. Whatever the case, before you spend a dime on an attorney or other legal services learn how the system works. You can be sure your Ex has! The information is good in all 50 States.

Second, I am very excited about a new way to help my clients. It's called The Advocate Plan. This plan is a "one on one" relationship with me. I become your personal advocate. When you get court papers, a letter from the ex's attorney, have questions and/or concerns I will be there to provide answers and tell you exactly what must be done. Whatever the issue you will always have someone to contact for specific answers and guidance. This plan includes the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. This is the best Fathers Rights legal help any man can get!

This service and information is the "Real Deal." No internet hype or slick sales pitch, just the "Truth" about your Divorce issues and what must be done to insure you don't get screwed!

To learn more about The Advocate Plans just click here!

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