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eX files-The Skiter Kowalski Story

My name is James Lawrence Kowalski. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, have chosen to work (42 years) throughout my 57 years abiding by our laws; Honorable Discharged from the Air Force and to-date do not have a criminal record. I am currently unemployed and I have always chosen to come to the courts in any attempt for justice.

I was divorced in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Warren Circuit Court, Division II, June 26, 1997. By this marriage of approximately 9 years I was blessed with two biological children; Jared Lawrence Kowalski and Jasmin Lauren Kowalski. At the time of my separation in November 17, 1996, I started paying child support (8 months before court ordered) based upon the Kentucky Guidelines, which was based upon my total income, I chose to do this to protect my children and assist my wife who had never been able to earn enough to make a living. Upon the original decree by the court for divorce June 26, 1997, it was agreed and ordered to recalculate the amount of child support by June 1998. The reason for this is that my now ex-wife would have the opportunity to make a living for herself and re-adjust the child support to the Kentucky law taking both parents income into consideration. Needless to say, the review was never done, as my ex-wife chose the path of sexual favors to keep me from requesting such through the courts.

Starting from my separation dated November 17, 1996 until approximately February 14, 2002, I maintained a visitation schedule with my children of no less than 170 days per year (5 years) in a safe, secure and loving environment using the highest level of co-parenting. As recorded in court, the children went from ex-wife home to my home without packing a bag. Since February 14, 2002, my family, nor my friends and myself have not been able to have contact with Jared or Jasmin, enforced by a no contact order in the Warren County Justice Center, Family Court, Circuit 8, Division 3 signed by the Honorable Margaret Ryan Huddleston. There is no basis for such a “no contact order” and I alleged it is illegal and can be verified by court recorded videos and certified copies of the record.

During this time, my ex-wife who had practiced extra marital affairs during our marriage was on a mission to find a new husband (1996-2000) who would support her. Her poor choice during our marriage is what ended it and the reason she fired her attorney during the divorce activity and settled with my attorney. Sandra Phaelica Gonya Dupuis was previously married to Jerry Dupuis, thus her pattern was started before our marriage of getting alimony and child support for her daughter Nicole.

During this time of co-parenting, Sandra would visit me occasionally for sex and always confirmed that the children were doing well considering the situation. She always told me that she would never take the children from me, in which I always told her I would honor her agreement from my side. Unfortunately, by Sandra’s poor choices, the children were “missing” their mother’s attention when they were with her, as she was dating heavily, leaving the children with me or a babysitter. Jared was 11 years old and Jasmin was 7 years old in 2001, when they were complaining about their situation at their mothers. My mistake at this time was instructing the children to discuss their concerns with their mother. Basically what happened is that the children chose to talk to their mother after my instructions and they went a step further, whereas they told her that they wanted to live with me. They relayed to me that their mother threw a temper tantrum and said this would never happen. To the reader, I am 11 years older than my ex- wife, more educated through school and life, thus in my opinion had chosen to be a better parent to our children.

My problem increases in April 2001, whereas I lost my executive position within the air filtration manufacturing marketplace, when a massive consolidation took place and capacities were shipped off-shore. The other compounding issue was the recent marriage of my ex-wife, Sandra Phaelica (Gonya) (Dupuis) (Kowalski) Firkins, to a local native, Donnie Firkins in Warren County, Bowling Green, Kentucky. More problems surface in June 2001, when a pre-planned yearly family trip was taken to Queretaro, Mexico visiting family friends. My ex-wife had been part of the planning process during the previous years (2000-2001), assisting me with birth certificates and such to gain proper US Passports for the children. Approximately in April 2001, my ex-wife alleged she had no knowledge of such trip and I was going to kidnap the children. She also continued that I must have her permission to do such an activity. This set off the requirement to procure an attorney, Johnny Bell, to quell such false allegations and assure that an acknowledgement, not permission was received from Sandra as it pertains to this planned family event in Mexico. This was accomplished.

I had requested to Sandra, on many occasions since their births, to have our children baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, which always was responded by Sandra’s procrastination and non-participation (during and after our marriage) in weekly attendance to church, even though she claimed to be Catholic. An opportunity arose from attending Catholic services in Queretaro, Mexico, when family friends inquired to why my children did not participate in communion. I explained to my friends and priest, which presented an opportunity, that the children could be baptized in Queretaro with no problem, which thrilled both children Jared and Jasmin. The children were quite excited by the opportunity and we immediately called their mother, Sandra, to share their joy on or about June 24, 2001. The baptism was set for July 5, 2001 in which preparation began buying appropriate clothes and articles for the children to be baptized. On July 4, 2001, while attending a “family fiesta” celebrating the United States Independence and the impending baptism of my children, my attorney, Johnny Bell called and informed me that if I did proceed with the baptism, I would be jailed for no less than 179 days upon my return to Bowling Green, Kentucky signed by order of Judge Margaret Ryan Huddleston. I chose to abide by the order and did not have the children baptized.

Upon my return to Bowling Green, Kentucky the legal issues became more pronounced by the prevarication (lies) of my ex-wife. In August 2001, I requested a Motion for Modification of child support, pursuant to the KRS 403.213, drawing unemployment. I have continued my Motions in 2003 and of recent, twice during 2008 and to date never been heard on the merits of my request. What has continued to thwart my request is prevarication (lies) of alleged “hiding of income” by my ex-wife, in which has no basis in reality. I was jailed in May 2002, when my attorney quit before a hearing and I was in the arrears of child support of approximately $7000. My friends bailed me out of jail in Bowling Green, Kentucky and I proceeded to sell, work odd jobs to pay them back over a period of 17 months. I was forced to relocate to Houston, Texas to seek such opportunities, thus leaving my home in Bowling Green, Kentucky which was inevitably foreclosed on for non-payment and since have not reclaimed a permanent home for myself.

During this time (2001), the court ordered a mental health professional to evaluate the children, mother, myself and the step-father. Cathy Clanton Reeves, PhD. submitted a written report and verbal report into the court stating the “children desire was to have more time with me and wanted to live with me”, which is easily verified on court recorded video. The Judge is on tape, in which she had sent my ex-wife and me out of the court room for the testimony, who states “that won’t happen”. (NOTE to reader: I chose to go to the court clerk after every hearing and purchase the proceedings on VHS). This evidence is so easily interpreted, you just need popcorn and watch the tapes, and you really don’t have to read anything, just use good listening and common sense. By the way, this is the “stake in the heart”, as the system tried the “Watergate” scenario in 2005 when I requested all copies of the tapes…….they chose to try to delete critical incriminating sections in which I have currently in inventory.

My next attorney was Pamela Bratcher, who was engaged to represent me in court during 2003 and 2004, in which records were certified and all financials were given to the court to substantiate there was a substantial and continuing change in my income. Pamela Bratcher is on recorded court video, when Judge Margaret Ryan Huddleston verifies, Kowalski is do a 50% to 75% reduction, yet refuses to rule on such motion for modification of child support. Huddleston berates my character by stating "he might as well be flipping hamburgers at McDonalds”. Pamela Bratcher verbalized to the judge “What are going to do your Honor when Mr. Kowalski cannot pay, throw him in jail again”. My attorney quit after this hearing and since I have no opportunity but to be “Pro Se” since 2004. Needless to say, I again got behind in child support, which has now been put into civil court claiming “flagrant non-support” a class D felony.

During the years of 2002-2005, I spent much of my time retraining in the “environmental emergency responder” profession, gaining many certifications and as well writing many published articles attempting to regain a responsible position within the working community. (Google: JL Skiter Kowalski) In so much as, August 2005, I volunteered at Pete Maravich Assembly Center, located at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge assisting with airborne respirable contamination evaluations at Command Level using my new certification assisting with processing some 30,000 evacuees to a safe shelter. I continued to volunteer my services throughout Mississippi and Louisiana working to gain permanent employment. During such time, Ms. W was working in my behalf with legal matters and assisting me financially when necessary, for exchange of any income sent directly to her for disposition of the consideration rendered. Late 2005 Ms. W suffered a stroke and I returned in June 2006 to assist her. One day the Texas Rangers visited her home; I answered the door and proceeded to be searched in being asked for weapons, as they were told I was violent and dangerous. It was at this time, I was arrested for “flagrant non-support” with a $7,800 cash bail bond in Lockhart, Texas. Ms. W responded at her selection to post the $7800 at the Caldwell County Jail, in her wheel chair assisted by a medical professional. She was informed by the Deputy Sheriff which relayed this message, “tell the Kowalski Family the ante has gone up to $25,000 cash”. She proceeded to the bank and returned the next day to post the $25,000 cash bail bond. She also procured a new attorney Brad Coffman in my behalf for $6000 cash. This sizeable debt to Ms. W, dictated that I must leave her and return to Louisiana to attempt to make this money to repay her. The negative resultant of the arrest shed poor light upon me working with FEMA, Homeland Security and other organization, which thwarted any feasible employment opportunities. Thus again, I return to Lockhart Texas, in November 2006 to assist Ms. W, in which small community (12,000) was leery of my background after being arrested. During this time, I made court appearance some 900 miles away and was convinced by Brad Coffman (attorney), it would be appropriate to surrender this cash bond. He threatened me with prison time, if I could not do such, even in my protest that I did not have this money. He then said I could sign a document to state I would surrender the bond, yet not claim it was for child support, a sign of good faith to the judge. This was done as I was afraid to go to prison and that court action would exonerate me from these alleged charges. Shortly after this activity, Brad Coffman alleged that Ms. W threatened his life and tied this claim to me to quit the case. He also confirmed that “it appears” as though you have the money because of concerned friends helping me out with the bail.

In an attempt again to regain employment, I relocated from Lockhart, Texas to Panguitch, Utah (pop: 1200) in June 2007, to where I have been permanently located. In October 2007, I was visited by Garfield County Sheriff’s Department for alleged “automatic weapons” possession, which was not substantiated and dropped. The Sheriff enforced there was another warrant from Kentucky for “flagrant non-support” in which I was incarcerated a third time in my life. Ms. S, family friend drove from Tulsa, Oklahoma and posted $20,000 cash bail bond in my behalf. The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Assistant District Attorney Vaughn Wallace alleged that I owed another $19,000 in back child support. Ms. S agreed to pay this back support under written protest to Assistant District Attorney’s Vaughn Wallace lack of proper reconciliation, supported by my letter of protest to the “deal”. In January 2008, written request again was accomplished with USPS return receipt requested to Warren County Child Support for the third “Self Help Motion for Modification of Child Support”, with multiple telephone calls for assistance with no response for a period of 11 months. During November 2008 a fourth “Self Help Motion for Modification of Child Support” was installed.

I was attending a global organization “InfraMation” in Reno Nevada in November 2008, presenting to some 500 plus people in attempt to gain permanent employment opportunities, to which after my presentation in front of 500 people, I was arrested again by Reno Police for alleged “fugitive from justice” on a warrant issue in Kentucky on July 2008 for “flagrant non-support”. (NOTE to reader: The Commonwealth of Kentucky was in full knowledge of my whereabouts in October 2007 – Why would they not serve me in Panguitch, Utah? Why would they wait 6 months later to serve me in Reno when attempting to gain work?) I was again incarcerated and Ms. S again paid a $5000 cash bail bond.

Since this arrest in Reno, Nevada, (700 miles from Panguitch) I have made two appearances as it pertains to arraignment and verification of identity for formal extradition in which I am fighting. Being “pro se” and diligently working the past 120+ days is not reaping much success. I am currently alleged in the arrears for $12,000, with having paid over $114,000 during the past 13 years and no visitation or contact with my children for 8 years. My son Jared is 19 years of age now and reportedly has an illegitimate child in June 2008 and recovering from a cocaine addiction.

A formal Governor’s Warrant from Kentucky is issued in April 2009 and confirmed by Nevada Governor’s warrant mid May 2009. My appearance with Washoe County, Reno Nevada was scheduled for Tuesday, June 2, 2009. Because of my age and significant documented health concerns, my advocates suggested traveling to Bowling Green, Kentucky and surrendering myself in efforts to be under medical watch during my trip to Kentucky. This would also allow for the medical professional to install medical records and orders with the Warren County Regional Jail.

After a 1600+ mile trip from Panguitch, Utah to Bowling Green, Kentucky within 2 days, I surrendered myself to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and was escorted to Jail, my fourth time of incarceration. I was installed in a “medical watch” cell, in which minimal compliance to doctors orders were accomplished. (two towels rolled up for cervical pillow, tennis shoes instead of flip flops, two mats for severe back problems, no oxygen for COPD, no blood pressure readings, no prescribed class 2 drugs, etc.) The medical staff were truly deliberate indifferent to the orders, yet attempted to somewhat comply. My peers in the cell were pornographers, pedophiles, drug offenders, dui offenders, armed robbers of the total of eight prisoners in this cell. Four of which were Federal criminals, I was the oldest and the “cherry” of the group having no criminal record and in jail for “criminal felony – flagrant non-support”.

Since 2005, I have not been able to have an attorney to represent me, thus I have had to exercise my rights under “Pro Se refers to the instance of a person representing himself or herself without a lawyer in a court proceeding. The best thing about this concept is I have gained a much better understanding of the presiding laws, yet I WILL NEVER CLAIM TO BE A LAWYER. Plug for Father’s Rights Inc. (unsolicited), by all means DO NOT HESITATE in getting Mike Weening, Esq. as your advocate if required, he has been of significant assistance to me, validating what I have learned the hard way.

Six days after being in Jail, I am now being arraigned in front of the Hon. Steve Alan Wilson in Civil Court for “flagrant non-support”. I am indigent (without monies or property) thus a public defender is appointed for me. The prosecution now tells the judge they want an increase from $5000 cash bond to $16,000 cash bond. Back to the cell and I serve another 5 days, then released on a surety bond posted by my best friend in Bowling Green, with a court date (pre-trial) of July 13, 2009. I can only guess at this point to why I was released on surety bond, yet here goes the thought; poor health conditions with potential liability to Warren County Regional Jail and the Commonwealth of Kentucky and no cash monies from friends when prosecution uses the standard intimidation technique. Again, the previous is ONLY a best guess.

I am currently stranded in Bowling Green, Kentucky without home or money, yet I am determined to finish this fight with the judicial system, once and for ALL! Let’s quickly review why I am so determined:

1.      I am a Christian and believe in a Higher Authority.

2.      I choose to be innocent of all charges, as I have always done my best to abide by our laws, thus I have no criminal record to date.

3.      What they have done to my children, they will be required to publicly apologize for when I am exonerated. Think about this, “What do you think my children think of this judicial system? As a responsible parent, I want them to believe in the system not rebel, as my son has after 8 years of “no contact” with his father. Gee, what about my daughter????

4.      What did the Kowalski relatives do to suffer 8 years of no contact? In that matter, prisoners in prison who commit crimes are allowed visitation.

5.      Since 2001, I have lost everything, credit, home, work, etc. because of the malicious prosecution based upon rumor (hear say) by my ex-wife conducted by the Warren County Family Court in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

6.      Read http://theskiter.blogspot.com/

7.      I am not a victim, I will not submit to wrong doing or intimidation, I choose to have honor and integrity with enough intelligence to accept my wrong doings and correct them.

8.      This activity is wrongful and a violation of my children’s and my civil rights.

9.      Why should anyone suffer such activity as my story, the answer in no one!

10.  Exoneration of my good name and expungement of infringements made by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

So as you share your love with your children on special holidays and other times of the year think of those who for no other reason than sheer prejudicial vendetta, have been deprived of that basic right. And if you're in Kentucky reading this, watch out. It could happen to you!

My Wish: I need a great law firm to represent me on a pro bono basis. I need simple justice.

If you have any comments, please free to post them on the http://theskiter.blogspot.com/ . Remember, “Truth Crushed to Ground, Shall Rise Again”.

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