Having Child Support Problems?

Need REAL help now?

Is your child support order too high? Having a hard time paying your own bills? Unemployed? Disabled? Being harassed and threatened by Child Support enforcement? License suspended? Wages garnished? Want to learn how to stop this madness and get your life back?

Here is some really GREAT NEWS! We have lowered the price of the Child Support Evaluation. You can now get a complete and thorough child support evaluation for only $79.00! (Regularly $99.00)

Here is what you get:

  • 1. The entire Fathers Rights Survival Guide. (Not just the 2 support sections but all 9 sections)

  • 2. A complete and thorough 1 hour consultation, analysis and evaluation of your entire support case.

  • 3. An accurate child support calculation. (Based on your states specific guideline)

  • 4. Ability to upgrade to the LIFETIME Advocate Plan for simply the difference in price.

  • 5. 6 months of free e-mail follow-up questions and assistance.

I have spent the last 18 years answering e-mail and letters from men all over the United States. (Over 150 a day) Furthermore, I have exhaustively studied current child support laws, court procedures and enforcement. There can be no doubt that the majority of child support orders that exist today are unreasonably high and significantly inaccurate. There are a number of reasons for this. Generally speaking, fathers simply didn't take the time to learn the ways in which they could have obtained a more accurate order or modify an existing order. Inaccuracy and excessively high support orders exists when no one questions the data and procedures upon which the support calculation and subsequent order (Or proposed order) is based. Further, it may be that legal circumstances have arisen that will now allow you to modify your current order thus eliminating the support problem (s).

When was the last time your support orders were evaluated?

Take this quiz:

  • 1. Is your child support order over 2 years old?

  • 2. Did you sign an agreement to pay child support or did the Judge calculate your order?

  • 3. Has it been longer than a year since your child support was re-evaluated?

  • 4. Has your support order ever been modified?

  • 5. Was your current child support order calculated by the local child support agency?

  • 6. Have there been significant changes in circumstances (change in custody, jobs, income, visitation time share, day care etc etc...) that would affect your support order?

  • 7. Was your support order based on your default? (Did not respond, appear in court etc etc...)

  • 8. Was your support order based on "imputed income" ? (Court uses a previous income you no longer earn)

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you need to have your support re-evaluated immediately! You may be entitled to a substantial reduction. It could also be that your support will soon be evaluated by the court or local child support agency. You should take the time now to learn ways of avoiding an increase.

In September of 2007 we introduced the "Child $upport Evaluation Month." We performed over 150 evaluations. Out of the 157 evaluations, we discovered that 71 were paying above guideline support or for some other legal reason were entitled to a substantial reduction in support. Further, based on e-mail we have received many of these individuals have already been to court and/or made an agreement to downward modify the support order or favorably resolve other support problems. Therefore due to the success of our child support evaluation month we have decided to include advanced support evaluation as a permanent part of our legal services. The best part is: we have expanded the support evaluation to include a live consultation, the Fathers Rights Survival Guide, (all 9 sections) Support Calculation based on your states specific formula, and the ability to upgrade to any of the Advocate Plans if other non support issues require discussion and guidance. And we have even added 6 months of e-mail support for follow up questions. If you are having support problems or simply want to know where you stand this is the plan for you. It doesn't get any cheaper or better than this!

The cost? $79.00

Order now and let me help you end your child support problems. Let's make sure that your child support orders are fair, reasonable and accurate!

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