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Client Success Stories

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September 19, 2017

Hello Mr. Weening;

I just want to say how pleased I was with your Advocate Plan. I purchased the lifetime plan last January 2017 and found it to be very helpful in resolving various case problems. Your advise and recommendations were right on the money. Very happy to recommend you to other Fathers experiencing family law problems.

Thank you,

Jack Felton
Oceanside, CA.

June 16, 2016

Dear Mr. Weening,

It has been a week since I completed reading your book and I found it very helpful. Just knowing that I had legal options was very inspiring. I will upgrade to one of your plans as soon as I get paid on 1st. Thanks for looking out for us Dad's.

Eric Marx
Queens, NY.

May 23, 2016

To: Mike Weening

It's over! It ended up  better than I expected. I spoke to opposing attorney just before going into see the Judge and told him exactly what you had told me say. He got really angry and stormed off to speak with his client at the other end of the hallway. I could see that neither he nor my Ex were very happy. After 15 minutes he came back to me and told me to stay put that he would return in 15 minutes with a paper for me to sign. He said that the Ex had agreed to my terms of settlement. I was floored to say the least that she agreed. This is exactly what you told me would happen. The attorney really didn't want to end up in front of the Judge and seemed to convince his client that she needed to settle. Needless to say, I am very very happy with the outcome. I am also very glad I found yourt service. It is worth every penny and more.

Thank You,

Ernie Velasco
Downey, CA.

April 13, 2016

Mr. Weening,

This is Jonathan Scarpino from the Bronx New York. I spoke with you last week about my 13 year old son wanting to come and live with me. He currently lives with his Mother in New Jersey. Today I did as you instructed and filed the papers with the Family court. They said they will let me know the court date in a few days. I feel so much better after speaking with you. This means a lot to me and my son. I am sure we will be speaking again soon but I just wanted to say thanks for getting me so quick.

Jonathan Scarpino
Bronx, NY.

March 23, 2016

Hey Mike-

This is Marty Andrews from Tampa. I am a new client and really looking forward to speaking with you. Really loved the guide. My girlfriend and I stayed up all night reading and studying. Absolutely great information. I was so misunderstood on so many Fathers rights issues. I will schedule a consultation soon.

Marty Andrews
Tampa Bay, Fl.

February 11,2016

Dear Mr. Weening,

This is Marcus Davidson from Gardendale Texas. I bought the Lifetime plan back in August of last year. Since then my case has really improved. Your guidance on filing for contempt of court and restructuring my parenting plan were right on the money. In October my daughter Mother was found guilty of parental interference. She was sentenced to 30 hours of community service work and warned by the judge that if it happened again she would go to jail. The Judge also increased my parenting time to 1/2 of the summer and added 1 more overnight during the week. I can't tell you how happy I am. Your service was incredible and everything you said would happen did.

Thank You for everything.

Marcus Robert Davidson
Gardendale, TX.

January 12, 201

Dear Fathers rights,

Just finished reading the survival guide and loved it. Very helpful. I want to thank you for the work you are doing for all fathers out there struggling to pay child support and see their kids. Really appreciate your support.

John Ralston
Santa Barbara, Calif.

December 2, 2015

Dear Mr. Weening,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the great information your provide. I am an Advocate plan lifetime member (since 4/15) and your advice and guidance really turned my case around. Your knowledge of New York Family law was key to my success. My Mother initially purchased the plan but after speaking with you I realized you could really help. I would recommend you to any father having Family  court problems.

Forever greatful,

Todd McEwen
Queens, NY

 November 12, 2015

Dear Mike,

It is my pleasure to write and recommend your services. After years of bad attorney advice and thousands of $$$$$$$ my sister found your website on the internet. It took us 9 months of court actions but your advice and direction were extremely accurate. I really don't know where I would be had we not found you. I hope that you will continue to help men as you have helped me.

God Bless you,

Xavier Valdez,
Horsham, PA.

March 13, 2015

Dear Mike,

I loved your book. It was so helpful. I keep a copy at work and in my car just so I can refer to it when I need to. I will upgrade to the lifetime plan as soon get paid next week.

Thank you.

James Calderon
Land O Lakes, FL.

February 22, 2015

Dear Mr. Weening,

This is Mark Nelson from Camp Pendleton, CA. I purchased your lifetime plan last December 2014 while I was still in Afghanistan due to issues I was having with my wife. She decided to move out of our apartment with our 2 year old daughter and move to North Carolina without warning to me or my family. Your help in the following weeks was a God send. I followed your advice and the matter was resolved short of two weeks. I am sure there will be more to his story when I return to the States but for now I just want to say a BIG thank you.

One Happy Father and soldier,

Mark Nelson, Camp Pendleton, CA. 

To Mr. Michael Weening,

My name is Sabrina Linfield and bought the Advocate Plan Basic for my husband Alex in December 05. He was having a very hard time seeing his two 10 year old twin girls from a previous marriage. The mother had a high powered attorney during the divorced in 2003 and they really stuck it to him. After you consulted with my husband in December he was able to return to court last week and significantly increase his visitation time share. It was also determined that he was paying well above guideline child support. The Judge also lowered his support payment dropped by 174.00 per month. The Judge also lowered the day care payment since the girls were no longer utilizing full schedule day care. I just want you to know that I would give you the moon if I could! Thanks again!

Sabrina Linfield,
Crystal, MN.

Fathers Rights:

I just want to thank Mr. Weening for all of his help, especially his honesty. I purchased the Advocate Plan Lifetime in October after failing terribly in previous court appearances. I went to court yesterday and everything turned out exactly just like he said it would. Even the words the Judge used to make the new order were exactly the words Mr. Weening said he would. It really was amazing!

Darren McGovern
Norfolk, VA.

Mr. Weening:

I purchased the Advocate Plan lifetime this past July. It is truly the best thing that has happened to my case in 10 years. The Survival Guide was excellent but the advice you gave me during the initial consultation was "spot on". Everything you told me is exactly what happened. The orders the Judge made were almost "word for word" the way you said it be. I can't thank you enough!

Aaron Brower,
Queens, NY.

Dear Father's Rights,

I was so hesitant to use your service based solely on information I received from your site. But I am so glad I did. I went to court last Friday (08-3-05) and got my Drivers License back and my child support payment reduced to $263.00 per month. The pre-court information that you provided me with was so accurate. It was just like you said it would be! I will recommend you to my friends. I am sure they will be calling you!

Jonathan Dooley,
San Diego, California.

The Fathers Rights Survival Guide is excellent. I have spent $12,000 on attorneys and didn't learn anything. I wished my attorney would have been honest and given me this information. After reading your guide, particularly the section on "the truth about family court and attorney's" I now know why he didn't tell me the truth. For $60.00 I have now learned the truth about how the family court works and will now try to correct years of bad advice by so called family law specialist. Thanks for your honesty!

Edgar Simms,
Orlando, Florida

Dear Fathers Rights,

My son was having terrible problems with the District Attorney. They said he owed $15,000 in back child support. He had spoken with the LA County child support division and they literally hung up on him. He was feeling hopeless. I bought the survival guide for him last month. I read it first and was very impressed with the information. Together we filed a court action at the end of last month. We went to court on 07-22-05. The Judge lowered his support from $421.00 to $215.00. His back payment was lowered from $15,342.00 to $6.079.00. We could not have done this without the guide you have written. Everything you said turned out to be true. We have already filed another action to resolve the Custody and visitation problems. I will let you know what happens!

Thank You so much,
Aubrey Clay,
San Francisco, Calif.
A Concerned Mother.

Fathers Rights/ Mike Weening:

I'll bet you have heard this before but I wished I had heard about your book 5 years ago. It would have changed everything.

Carl Odem
St. Louis, Missouri.

To: Father's Rights From: Richard Gonzalez

I ordered your guide 6 days before my hearing date. I learned so much that I was finally able to get a good visitation order with my kids. I had been to court 3 times before on the same issue and can't believe how wrong I was about the family court. My ex-wife's attorney had me to the point of giving up! After I read your guide I realized that I was the one that was wrong because I didn't know what I was doing. I followed what you said to do and it all worked out just as you said. My Dad also read your guide and he said that if it was given to every person with a family law problem the family court would close for lack of business.

Richard Gonzalez-
Brookhurst, MA.

To: Mr. Mike L. Weening

Thank you so much for writing the Father's Rights Survival Guide. I ordered the guide last month and have read it over 10 times. I wished I would have had this information 5 years ago. Since reading the guide I was able to lower my child support from $781.00 per month to $256.00. I also was able to lower my back child support with the DA by $4600.00. I am now in the process of filing to modify my visitation so that I can see my sons more often. I will highly recommend your book to others. It's the best $60.00 I have ever spent. I wished I would have done it sooner. Thanks again.

Edward Margolis,
Corvalis, OR.

Dear Fathers Rights:

I purchased your guide last September. The sections on Custody and Visitation really helped me. I went to court last Thursday and got my parental rights. I also got a very good visitation order. The Judge was great! I didn't have an attorney and she did! Your information was right on the money. Thank you for your help!

Ronald Berg,
Newark, NJ.

Hello Mr. Weening,

I just want to drop you a line and let you know that I purchased your Advocate Plan Basic last May. I was having a lot of problems with my attorney and your consultation was just what I needed. After hanging up I did as you instructed and fired my attorney and called a paralegal in Phoenix who filed the papers you recommended. In short, I went to mediation and to the hearing and the Judge scolded my Ex wife severely and told her that anymore violations of the visitation order and he would not rule out changing custody to me. My whole family was present in court and very thrilled at the outcome. Since then, she (my Ex) has complied with all the orders and I am seeing my sons without interference. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. I can't begin to thank you for your knowledge and most of all honesty!

Jeffrey Bragg,
Scottsdale, AZ.

Hello Michael

I was a court reporter at many of your hearings and have referred several friends to your book and legal services. You are truly one of the good guys! Glad to see your website. I know it will be of help to many.

Tom Minor-Court Reporter
Riverside, California.

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