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I receive over 100 letters/e-mails a week from Fathers nationwide. One of the topics frequently mentioned is that of attorney's and representing yourself in family court. Many have asked, "Do I need an attorney or can I represent myself?" Many also ask, "What if my EX has an attorney and I don't? "Will the Judge 'look down' on me IF I don't have an attorney?" 'What are my options if I don't have the money for an attorney? "These are all valid questions that deserve an answer.

The answer to the first question is: YES, Absolutely you can represent yourself BUT there is a VERY BIG "IF" attached to this question. You CAN be successful in family court representing yourself IF:

IF you know where to go; what to say; what to do; how to act.

IF you know what NOT to say and/or do.

IF you know what to file, when to file and where to file with the court.

IF all of your paperwork including pleadings, forms, affidavits, declarations, motions, petitions, exhibits and attachments have ALL been properly completed, filed and served.

IF you understand the court's rules and civil procedure.

In other words you CAN successfully represent yourself without an attorney BUT you will need legal help and navigation.

**(Be sure and read Free Report #2 "The Truth about Family Law and Attorney's)

Since I began offering Fathers Rights legal assistance 19 years ago I keep hearing the same recurring statements about family law attorneys.

  • "I can NEVER get a hold of him and he NEVER calls me back"

  • "He never responds to my messages"

  • "It seems like my attorney isn't doing anything for me."

  • "The only two times I saw my attorney is the day I paid him and the morning of court. It was like he hadn't even looked at my case file."

  • "I learned more from the Fathers Rights Survival Guide than I EVER learned from my attorney."

  • "My attorney charged me $3,000.00 and didn't do anything."

  • "My attorney talked a great game in the beginning BUT after I paid him he didn't do ANYTHING he said he would do. My case turned out completely different that what he predicted."

  • "I just don't have the money to continue with my attorney."

If you have ever had a family law attorney I am sure you strongly identify with these remarks.

Here is the GOOD NEWS:

Although some states are MORE user/self help friendly than others many states are now VERY "self help/user" friendly. Wherefore a very high percentage of family law cases are successfully resolved without an attorney. Furthermore, many states have a number of low cost/no cost self help legal options available depending on the legal requirements of your case. These options often include document preparation, court filing and process service and other important services.

A word of caution: Do not be mistaken. You cannot simply fill out a bunch of papers and file them with the court so that you can tell the Judge your side of the story. I'm afraid it isn't that easy and in fact, it is legally dangerous!

To be successful in family court requires case evaluation and analysis, legal knowledge and planning, strategy and guidance and most important; on-going legal navigation. It requires the formulation of a sound "legal game plan" and its proper execution. It requires simple legal knowledge of the specific states family code, case laws and rules of court procedures. When everything you need to learn/know/say/do has been accomplished and a "legal game plan" developed, ONLY THEN should you file documents with the court. (The Advocate Plans services can assist you in acquiring accurate and precise document preparation, court filing and process services.)

I have been a Fathers rights advocate 17 years and Fathers rights political activist for 19 years wherefore I am very well acquainted with the family code, case law and court procedures in all states. (Thanks to Lexis/Nexis legal services) Furthermore, I live, breath and sleep Fathers rights 24/7 wherefore I would love to help you accomplish your legal goals. So, If your tired of attorney's that don't call you back, aren't prepared, taken your money but have done nothing to help you; if you have exhausted your financial resources and can no longer afford an attorney then I would highly recommend that you purchase the The Advocate Plan. Let me analyze and evaluate your case; let me teach and guide you and together we will form a legal "game plan" designed to resolve your family law issues.

Frankly speaking, in all the years I have been advocating for Fathers Rights I have never seen or heard of any information or service that has been so effective in resolving Fathers rights issues. The Advocate Plan is truly the BEST legal assistance any father could ever receive! It simply doesn't get any better than this!

Again to learn more about The Advocate Plans and how you can successfully represent yourself in family court click on The Advocate Plan icon. I am sure you will find the information very helpful.

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