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Mike L. Weening

“Any family law attorney worth their salt can tell you in a matter of minutes exactly how your case will likely end up: but they never will!" (A big problem)

“The truth is not limited to what an attorney tells you about your case; it also includes what he doesn’t tell you! (A Very BIG problem)

Dear Fellow Advocate,

My name is Mike L. Weening. I am a 18 year Fathers rights legal advocate and political activist. I live, breathe and sleep Fathers Rights! Let me ask you: Wouldn't it be great if you could know right now how your case will turn out? If you were to stand in front of the judge today what orders would he/she make? Who would get custody of the kids? How much child support would have to be paid? Will your ex be allowed to move-away? Will the court grant her request for restraining orders? How will the court divide the property? Does the court uphold verbal agreements? What if you weren't married to your child's mother? Wouldn't it be great if you could have the answers to these questions before you ever go to court? Before you spend thousands and hire an attorney? The truth is: you can know exactly what orders the court will make! That is exactly what our Advocate Plans can do for you and Much Much more!

At this point you might asking, "how can you know for sure that our services and information can really help you? You might also be wondering if our services and information will work in your State and County. You may even be uneasy about our service because you don't really know who we are and what we do! That said, I am going to ask that you give me 5 minutes to answer these questions in 3 easy steps.

Step #1: First, I would like for you to check me out personally on the web. My legal history, awards, speeches, reports, articles, law school accommodations, Wikipedia references, Fathers rights legal cases, it's all there on the web! Choose any search engine you like. Simply type in my name in the search bar: Mike L. Weening. Again, when you're finished come back to this page for Step #2.

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Step #2: Second, click on the link below and read our Customer Comments and Success Stories. These comments are directly from our clients. We have not edited any of the submissions except to add the date.

Customer Success Stories

Great! Thanks for taking the time to complete the 3 steps!

Here is the point: The "A+" reputation, the web information, my professional history, the verifiable customer success stories and the supporting information on this entire site could not possibly be true if we were not able to do EXACTLY as we have stated. I can truly help you if you will let me! Our Advocate Plans are absolutely the best legal assistance that any father could ever receive. They really Work! Real Answers, Real Help, Right Now!

Let me be very clear. The information and services provided in our Advocate Plans is far more relevant and necessary than anything you could ever get from a family law attorney. In fact, you may not need an attorney at all! Our Advocate Plans can help you make that decision and guide you each step of the way. Remember, family law works much differently than other forms of law. It doesn't matter who your attorney is or how well known. There is no superstar family law attorney that can help you anymore than a new law school graduate that just passed the bar exam. This is a huge misconception. In criminal cases, it's a different story. Get the best attorney you can buy. (Look what they did for OJ) But it doesn't work like that in Family law. Family law attorneys are a "dime a dozen" and can be easily acquired if and when necessary. More important is your proper understanding and knowledge about your case and how to be legally successful.

Now let me ask you: wouldn't it be nice to have a legal advocate you could contact 24/7 with any question or concern you may have? Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what the Judge will rule before you ever go to court? Wouldn't it be nice to know if your attorney was really doing the right thing? Wouldn't it be nice to know the truth about every aspect of your case in a matter of minutes......for life?

The need for fast one on one personal communication led me to develop two very important and necessary legal service plans called “The Advocate Plans.” The very first thing we will do is evaluate your case AND TELL YOU THE TRUTH!!!! You will learn exactly what you should or will pay in child support, spousal support. You will learn who will be awarded custody of your children and why. You will know exactly how your property will be divided. When the consultation is finished you will know exactly where you stand on all issues. Whether good news or bad news you will learn the whole truth! These plans are very personal. They are specifically designed to resolve your problem (s) now as well as any future problems you may encounter along the way. The Advocate Plan are specific to your State and even specific to the very County courthouse where your case is being heard. We use Lexis-Nexis legal software that allows us to access any code section and case law relative to a specific State and County.

If you have limited issues that might be resolved in a single court hearing then The Advocate Plan Basic is right for you at $135.00. It includes a thorough consultation, unlimited follow up e-mail and the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. If you prefer unlimited telephone conferences, Emergency "same day" call back, document review, unlimited e-mail correspondence, self representation assistance and the Fathers Rights Survival Guide then The Advocate Plan Lifetime would be right for you at $299.00. Either way, you are assured of getting correct up to date information and help whenever you need it……for life! Father Rights legal assistance simply doesn't get any better than this! To learn more about the benefits of each Advocate Plan simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.

This is the "Real Deal"! No internet hype, gimmick or slick sales pitch! Just the "Truth" about your case and how to maximize your legal rights and be successful!

So, when you are really serious about your case; when you are ready to learn the truth, the whole truth, about your case, your attorney, the mediator, the Judge, your ex and your children just select The Advocate Plan that is right for you and let’s get started today.

Thanks for visiting our site and I hope you decide to let me help you and become your personal advocate.


Mike Weening

Mike L. Weening

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