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Q.: What is the Fathers Rights Survival Guide?

A.: The Fathers Rights Survival Guide is simply a specific, thorough, honest and down to earth explanation of all family law issues. It contains ten (10) separate sections: Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child and Spousal Support, District Attorney Child Support issues, Contempt of Court, Move-away problems, Restraining Orders, The Truth about Family Law and Attorneys and a brand new section on How to find and use on-line legal information and services. Each section is designed to teach the reader how the Family Law Court works. The guide is very personal! It not only teaches you how the system works but also helps you form a strategy for permanently resolving your legal problems. Further, it was written so that a ten-year old boy could understand the information.

Q: How much does the Fathers Rights Survival Guide cost?

A.: The guide now sells for $60.00. ($3.00 Handling fee) We believe the price is low compared to the cost of similar information. Remember, the guide is not just a "book." It is specific instruction and information on how to successfully resolve your family law legal issue. This information is not available in bookstores. Further, in addition to the information in the guide you get Free e-mail communication and Free updates for life! These ongoing services alone are worth more than the price of the guide. Where can you get this kind of help for $60.00?

Q.: Is the information in the guide good in my State?

A.: Yes! Family Laws are developed, written and passed by the Federal government and handed down to the individual states to be implemented. Therefore, Family laws are virtually the same in every State. The names of the forms and courts may be slightly different but the legal issues and procedures are the same. Furthermore, we subscribe to a number of legal services including Nexxus and West Law Publishing. We have instant access to all family and domestic law codes in the United States. Further, we are notified daily of any changes (amendments, repeals, modifications and new laws) to any Family or Domestic law code section in every state. Therefore the information in the guide is state specific and valid in all 50 States! (It has also been reported that the information in the guide is also valid in Canada, England and Australia and New Zealand.)

Q.: What if my specific problem is not addressed in the guide?

A.: If your problems or questions are of a Family Law nature it is very doubtful they wouldn't be addressed. However, if after purchasing the guide you have questions you can e-mail me directly and I will make sure your questions are properly answered. If I cannot answer your question I will gladly refund your money. This is our "Money Back" guarantee to you!

Q.: How accurate is the information in the guide?

A.: I spent 5 years researching and compiling the information in the guide. Additionally the guide has been updated and refined since is original publication in 1997. Over the years it has been reviewed by numerous Attorney's, District Attorney's, Paralegal's, Marriage and Child counselor's and even a Family Law Judge. It is very accurate! I made sure of this before I published it and offered it to the public. Further, our research is ongoing. The guide is continually updated.

Q.: Does the information ever become outdated?

A.: Family Laws change frequently. Sometimes weekly! Anytime a law or rule changes we update the guide. We subscribe to a number of legal notification services that let us know of any change in laws or rules. That same day the guide is updated. That's why we offer the guide as an e-book. We want to make sure that our clients are given the latest information regarding any changes in laws or rules. Remember, you get FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE!

Q.: How do I know this is not just another Internet scam?

A.: The Fathers Rights Survival Guide has sold over 250,000 copies since its release in March 1997. Our Merchant Bank recently informed us that there has not been a single return based on "scam" or "fraud"! This is unheard of in e-commerce today! Companies that offer credit card acceptance are almost always legitimate. To be able to accept credit cards a company must be approved for a Merchant Bank Account. The company and the owner of the company must pass a strict credit worthiness examination. They must have excellent credit. Frankly, most Internet scams involve non-credit card payments such as "through the mail" transactions. Merchant Accounts are too hard to get and are strictly regulated and monitored. Honest and legitimate companies would never compromise their credit status and personal liability by promoting a "scam". Companies that offer quality products for a fair price will not have problems of this nature. The Fathers Rights Survival Guide is a quality product that delivers exactly what it claims. We also have a "EXCELLENT" rating with all of the on-line services.

Q.: How do I know the credit card transaction will be safe?

A.: Internet credit card transactions are now very safe! In fact they are now safer than "in store" transactions. Our Merchant Bank utilizes the latest in digital encryption technology that makes credit card fraud almost impossible. Further they utilize the AVS system. (Address verification System) In other words, if someone were to fraudulently use your credit card they would have to know your address and social security number to be approved. Most in store purchases don't require this verification. You should also know that our Merchant Bank records the IP address of each person purchasing the guide. If a fraudulent transaction occurs it can be easily traced directly to the computer that was used to place the order. Since we began accepting credit cards in June of 2000 we have not had a single case of credit card fraud!

Q.: How is the guide sent and how long does it take to arrive?

A.: If you order the guide by credit card or electronic check it can be downloaded immediately in a matter of seconds. The guide can also be ordered through the mail for those that don't have a credit card. However, delivery is by e-mail. The guide is an e-book and not available in print form.

Q.: How do I contact you if I have questions after I purchase the guide?

A.: It's easy! Simply send us an e-mail with your question (s) to: and we will be happy to answer your questions.

I hope that I have answered your questions. Now, let me as ask you a question! Why have you come to this site? If you are like most you are looking for answers to your family Law legal problem (s). Let me assure you that the Fathers Rights Survival Guide will thoroughly answer those questions. Honestly speaking, where can you purchase this type of help and information and be able to ask questions afterwards for $60.00? And get FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE? If you are serious about resolving your family law problem (s) get the guide. It Works!


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Mike L. Weening

President, Fathers Rights, Inc.

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