Dear Fellow Advocate,

It's been 25 years since my divorce and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't recall that gloomy period of time. You know the feeling! What could have been, what should have been??? Etc. etc... I have often speculated about what my divorce would have been like had I a place to go for the same information I now provide to others. Certainly a desired result would have been quicker and far less painful and definitely less expensive! Notwithstanding, things have worked out well despite my early ignorance. (As discussed in Free Report #1-"Why Men Lose In Family Court") Eventually, after a serious revelation with myself I realized my mistakes and allowed a man to help me. My focus now is to help men avoid the same mistakes I did. And if they do find themselves in a position of having made serious mistakes that we will be discussing they will have a place to come for information and help.

I receive over 150 e-mails per day from men all over the country. One of largest thrills I have is being contacted by a "First timer". This is a man that has just been served with divorce papers or some other initial family law proceeding and is seeking information and help. He is just beginning his journey. What is exciting to me is that this man has no idea just how much I can help him. Obtaining the right information in the very beginning will dramatically change his entire life, the lives of his parents, children, friends and everyone else with whom he is associated now and in the future. Seeing these men make the right decisions at the right time is extremely gratifying to me. It's what motivates me to continue my pursuit of Father's rights and offering legal assistance. But for every first timer that contacts me and allows me to help them there are 1000 men (myself included) that ignorantly proceed without the right information at the right time. To these men this article is dedicated. And remember, the only mistake that can't be corrected is the mistake you will not admit. It's never too late!

Although not included in the list, there is a mistake bigger than those to be discussed below. It is the mistaken belief that one can simply go to a family law attorney, pay $3,000 to $5,000 and all your legal problems will be favourably resolved. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! In fact, This never works and is a colossal mistake that can doom your legal case forever! Unfortunately for millions of men there are no state laws requiring second opinions or confirmation of a legal diagnosis and/or prognosis. (Read our Free Report #2 "The Truth About Family Court and Attorneys.")

In Medicine there are certain check and balance systems that are required to insure a proper diagnosis and prognosis. (In medical cases involving serious illness second opinions are required by law in many states) For example, if you (God forbid) were diagnosed with a serious illness requiring major surgery the first thing you would want to do is get a second opinion. You would want to be sure of the diagnosis and proposed treatment. You would want to know your medical options and alternatives. In short, you would want to confirm what the doctor had told you! There is a check and balance system that works. Wherefore it would be very difficult for a medical doctor to perform major surgery when not necessary or when other effective treatment options were available. In other words medical checks and balances preclude a doctor from performing major surgery that were not necessary or, to be honest, just for the money. If only it was that way in law! It certainly should be!

The bottom line here is this: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, pay a family law attorney a cent until your case has been thoroughly evaluated and you know exactly where you stand on all issues and what the court will order! Remember, attorneys do not make money giving consultations or by settling matters in their office or by phone. They make money by going to court regardless of necessity. Unchecked and Imbalanced! Therefore before you pay money to an attorney, before you make agreements with your Ex, before you discuss the matter with your friends and family, before you fill out paperwork yourself, let me completely and thoroughly evaluate your case. Let me give you your legal diagnosis and prognosis. Let me become your personal advocate! Don't make the biggest mistake of them all! To learn more about our Advocate Plans click on the Advocate Plan link at the end of this report.

Finally, your case (or the case of the person for whom you are concerned) will never be resolved until you (they) take the time to learn how the Family Law system works. You must commit to learning the simple steps you can take now to resolve your present legal issues and avoid additional issues in the future. Remember, your failure is her victory!

The Five Biggest Mistakes Men make in Family court:

1. Failing to respond: This is the biggest mistake of all! Men commonly fail to respond to legal actions. They simply don't do anything at all. They rationalize that their spouse will likely drop the action or they will be able to work out an agreement outside of court. The reality here is that women almost always follow through with divorce. In California alone, 94% of all divorce filings proceed to final judgment. In New York, 42% of all divorce judgments are by default. (Other states report similar statistics) Failing to respond to a divorce action or other family law legal proceeding will result in a "default judgment" being entered against you. This means that everything your spouse has requested in her petition will be granted. The Court can even make additional orders it deems necessary and proper. If you are served with papers, always respond! If, after responding, you are able to obtain an out of Court settlement or your spouse reconsiders and drops the action, great. However, always respond! Failing to do so can, and likely will, result in severe and far reaching consequences from which you may never recover. The Family Law Court system is a very unforgiving system. If you fail to respond to any Family Law legal action in which you are a party, you may lose forever certain rights related to your case.

2. Incorrect legal advice: Every one has a family member or friend that has been through a divorce or related family court actions. Once these well-intentioned individuals learn that you are facing family law legal problems they are quick to give you advice. Unfortunately, the information they dispense is often incorrect, incomplete and/or outdated. (In some instances Illegal)

Family laws and legal guidelines used by the Court change frequently. Wherefore, there is no substitute for accurate legal information that specifically pertains to your case. Acting on bad legal advice can be worse than not doing anything. Take the time to learn the facts. You can be sure your soon to be Ex has or will!

3. Signs bad settlement agreement: Men that have failed to obtain the proper information and assistance often sign a bad settlement agreement called a Stipulated Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement. Remember that the Court doesn't care what agreements two sides of a legal action make. Their only concern is that both parties are in agreement. The rule of thumb here is; don't sign an agreement if it's not what you want. Changing a final divorce agreement and/or stipulated order on any family law issue is very difficult and in some cases impossible.

4. Doesn't perform agreements: The message here is simple. Don't sign an agreement you don't like. If, after having been properly advised, you like the agreement being offered, sign it! But, if you are not comfortable with the offer of settlement, don't sign it! More importantly, don't sign anything that you do not intend to perform. The court has little patience with those who don't perform orders. Non-compliance with court orders can severely prejudice your case and can even result in contempt of court charges in which jail time can be imposed.

5. Becomes frustrated, gives up: It's no secret that the Family Court continues to be biased in favor of women. Although this bias has subsided in recent years due to new laws and guidelines, it still exists.

Admittedly there is nothing more frustrating than watching a Judge or mediator allow a woman to ramble on and on about her position and yet not give the man even a moment to respond in support of his position. Despite the prevalent bias men should never get so frustrated that they lose their composure. Patience is a great virtue in Family Court. Don't forget that a family law case stays open until you die or there are no longer any issues to be resolved. Therefore, your involvement in the case is not limited to just the present court date or most recent filing. You may face court again in the future. Don't get discouraged and never just give up!

Now let me ask you! Why have you come to this site? Are you looking for answers to your family law problems? Are you the Parent, Grandparent, girlfriend, sister or new wife of a man having problems in family court? Are you confused? Lost? Frustrated? Angry? Are you a "first timer" just starting a case? Have you been to court several times and not been successful? Attorney not doing the job? What ever your reason for coming to this site let me help you! Let me guide you and teach you how to be successful. Let me answer your legal questions. Let me be your advocate!

Here is proof that the Advocate Plans work!

At this point you might asking, "how can you know for sure that our services and information can really help you? You might also be wondering if our services and information will work in your State and County. You may even be uneasy about our service because you don't really know who we are and what we do! That said, I am going to ask that you give me 5 minutes to answer these questions in 2 easy steps.

Step #1: First, (Most Important) I would like for you to check me out personally on the web. My legal history, awards, speeches, reports, articles, law school accommodations, Wikipedia references, Fathers rights legal cases, it's all there on the web! Choose any search engine you like. Simply type in my name in the search bar: Mike L. Weening. Again, when you're finished come back to this page for Step #2.

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Step #2: Second, click on the link below and read our Customer Comments and Success Stories. These comments are directly from our clients. We have not edited or changed the comments in any way.

Customer Success Stories

Great! Thanks for taking the time to complete the 2 steps! I hope this 2 step credibility and reputation test has answered your questions.

Here is the point: The web information, my professional history, the verifiable customer success stories and the information on this entire site could not possibly be true if we were not able to do EXACTLY as we have stated.

There are now two ways in which I can help you:

First: While I was in law school I began writing a guide for men that would teach them how the family law system works. While I was writing the guide I read every book I could on family law issues. I interviewed State Congressmen, Senators, Judges, District Attorney's and numerous private attorneys. I reviewed client case files and spent hundreds of hours on the Internet researching family law related web sites. Additionally, for the past 15 years I have received over a 150 e-mail's and/or telephone calls per day from individuals all over the United States who are seeking information about their particular family law problems. I've heard it all!

After considerable research I wrote a series of nine booklets on every major family law issue. It's called the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. The guide contains sections on Divorce, Child and Spousal Support, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support Enforcement problems, Contempt of Court, Restraining Orders, Move-away Issues and The Truth about Family Law and Attorneys. This information was written so that a ten-year old boy could understand its content. It is filled with very revealing information that is critically important to any man facing family law problems. Further, it is all you will need! You won't need to spend time at law libraries or bookstores. You won't need to spend countless hours on the Internet reviewing information that is often confusing and difficult to understand. I have done this work for you! Also, the information in the guide is good in all 50 States!

Here is my commitment to you: If you will commit to learning the simple steps you can take to either avoid or resolve family law problems and purchase the Fathers Rights Survival Guide (or purchase one of the The Advocate Plans) I will make a personal commitment to help you! If you purchase and read the Fathers Rights Survival Guide I will make myself available to answer any questions you may have. You can contact me at: and I will respond. Where can you get this kind of help for $60.00? And you get Free Updates for Life! To order the Fathers Rights Survival Guide click here!

Second: In the Free reports I shared with you my own personal failure in Family court 20 years ago. I shared with you that it wasn't until I met another man, a father's right advocate and attorney that was willing to help me that I overcame a very difficult legal case. As I look back, the single greatest factor that changed my case was that I found someone to teach me and guide me. Someone I could contact anytime to discuss my case, my questions, fears, feelings. Someone that would be direct and honest with me. Someone that would tell me the truth about every aspect of my case! A Personal Advocate.

And now I am very excited to be able to offer you the same. It's called "The Advocate Plan". In fact there are now two Advocate Plans to choose from: The Advocate Plan Basic and The Advocate Plan Lifetime. Each plan contains an opportunity for you to speak with me personally. And hopefully you will let me become your Personal Advocate.

The Advocate Plan-Basic Provides you with a thorough and state specific consultation on all of your legal issues including child support calculation. Once completed we will tell you exactly where you stand on each and every issue, answer all of your questions and give you your specific legal options. It also allows you to have unlimited e-mail correspondence with me after the consultation. The Father Rights Survival Guide is included. The Advocate Plan Basic is fully up-gradable should you decide to do so later. (You only pay the difference in price)

The Advocate Plan-Lifetime- This is truly the ultimate legal service plan. It doesn't get any better than this! This plan provides everything contained in the basic plan and unlimited telephone conferences at no additional expense for the life of your case! Further, the Advocate Lifetime has an emergency contact feature called ERR-911 (Emergency Rescue Response) whereby you can contact us and receive a call the same day! Remember, family law cases remain open until there are no issues to resolve. In other words there will likely be other legal issues that arise in the future. This may not be the last time you will face a court action related to your case. Therefore, wouldn't it be great to be able to consult with me anytime for the life of your case? It could be that your ex will try and raise child support in the future, or perhaps you will want to try and get custody of your children. What ever the issues you will always have someone to speak with directly who will guide you each step of the way...for life!

How do the Advocate Plans work?

The Advocate Plans begin with a thorough discussion about your case. During this discussion I will answer all of your questions and concerns. Second I will thoroughly analyze and evaluate your case facts. Third, once the evaluation is complete I will give you your legal options and together and we will form a legal strategy for resolving all of your issues. Fourth, both the Basic and Lifetime plans include unlimited e-mail correspondence with me for the life of your case. Fifth, you will receive the most recently updated version of the Fathers Rights Survival Guide and free updates for life. This guide is known as the "Father's Rights Bible" and contains cutting edge information on every family law issue. Further it teach you how the family court system works and prepare you for current and future issues. All legal information and guidance is based on your states specific family law statutes and case law.

Whether good news or bad, YOU WILL LEARN THE TRUTH! The truth about your Ex, your children, your attorney, the Judge, the mediator, custody evaluator, opposing attorney, counselor and any other significant person or issue involved in the future of your case! And here is the greatest part! The cost of The Advocate Plan Basic is just $135.00. You will also receive unlimited e-mail correspondence with me. If you prefer unlimited live telephone conferences and communication rather than e-mail then the Advocate Plan Lifetime is the best choice for you. The price of The Advocate Plan Lifetime is just $299.00. Where can any man go for this kind of legal assistance for this price? If you are really serious about winning or significantly improving your case just order an the Advocate Plan and let me become your personal advocate today!

The Advocate Plans are a game changer!

I realize it may difficult for you to fully understand at this moment just how significant The Advocate Plans are and just how much I can help you if you will allow me to do so. What I am asking you to do is: Let me help you with your case! Let me become your advocate! Let me be the person you come to when you have questions and need answers now! Let me evaluate every aspect of your case HONESTLY and TRUTHFULLY! Learn where you stand today! Again, whether you are just starting a case or have been to court a number of times, whether you are or were married or never married but have children let me help you maximize your legal options. Finally, family law problems affect not only you but your new wife/girlfriend, parents, grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, employer, friends and most significantly your children! Don't wait any longer! Don't wait until it's too late! Make a commitment now to change your life and the lives of all who are around you by purchasing the Fathers Rights Survival Guide or one of the The Advocate Plans.

Good Luck and I hope to hear from you soon!

Your Advocate,

Mike Weening

Mike L. Weening

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